Welcome to IndexBook

IndexBook offers information into innovative website marketing through digital channels. The IndexBook was initially a project setup to collate hundreds of millions of websites and to provide a method for searching those, much like Google.

What is the IndexBook project about?

Web Marketing

The IndexBook project funds various web marketing and digital
marketing agencies. As we are an indexing service we frequently
supply algorithm insights, market research data and index data to
SEO companies and web marketing agencies throughout the UK.

Intelligent Insights

With over 100 million pages indexed, IndexBook has plenty of data for smart insights.

Ranking Snapshots

We capture ranking snapshots from Google and Bing indexes daily for over 8000 niches and 35,000,000 websites.

Cloud Architecture

We provide API solutions through cloud services so your business can get the data it needs.

Smart Marketing Insights with IndexBook

Imagine if your marketing business could have over 200 algorithm
evaluations coupled with million of pages of tracking data
to show key search updates and ranking factors? Imagine if you could
query keyword positions without the delay of search emulation?
imagine if your business could
gain a significant advantage over competition thanks to powerful insights?

With IndexBook we do just that:

Collated On Site Data

What on-site factors are weighted for each industry and what's hot and what's not

Who We Are

IndexBook is a cloud marketing insights data collection agency based in Oxford. We have been around for 18 years and have gained a wealth of experience in data sourcing, collection, collation and insights. If your SEO, PPC or web marketing agency is looking for insights, trend data and marketing insights please fill out the form below and a member of the team will call you back.